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Kunstuni Graz – Invisible Drives #10

Mittwoch, 8. Mai von 18:00 bis 20:00

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2024, 18:00 Uhr, MUMUTH, György-Ligeti-Saal
Im Anschluss, Lounge: Living Room

Tanzstudierende des Instituts für Tanz (IDA) der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz (ABPU) treffen am 8. Mai im MUMUTH wieder auf Kompositions- und PPCM-Studierende der Kunstuniversität Graz (KUG). Gemeinsam verknüpfen sie Tanz und Neue Musik zu aufregenden Performances.

Das Programm im Detail

The Multitude
The performers relate to one another in the given space, allowing for altered states to arise. Predicaments manifest between one another and the protest crowd as a phenomenological approach is touched on.
“I had the sensation around penetration – and at the same time eagerness to come to a place of sedimentation and to go beyond and eventually toward settlement” – Bela Demirkalp.
Choreographie: Esther BALFE
Komposition: Bela DEMIRKALP
Performer: Su HUBER; Esther BALFE
Klarinette: Dácil Guerra GUZMÁN

Kendime Çıkan Bir Yokuş (A Slope Leading to Myself)
This piece of collaboration is aware that it is being performed as a humorous reflection on attention problem and technological dependency of human species. So much so that it cannot even focus on itself. The work consists of three separate movements based on three-part text. First and third part is written by the composer, second is a poem called “Do” by Turkish poet Özdemir Asaf.
Komposition: Akın KILIS
Klarinette: Dácil Guerra GUZMÁN
Cello: Irati Goñi LEOZ
Akkordeon: Maurizio DE LUCA

Graphical mind
This piece, composed for double bass and baritone saxophone, is inspired by the concept of integrating black-and-white graphical sketches into an intermedia experience. The piece explores rough and metallic sonorities, delving into a shifting atmosphere and embracing the audience in an immersive experience.
Komposition: Mahak SADEGHZADEH
Saxophon: Daniel ĐUNDUŠ
Kontrabass: Cem Tolunay GÜRAKAR

In this investigation, we start from the „circle“ and let it intervene in the creation from the dimensions of sound and movement. Through intertwining with the circle, we connect reality and imagination, attempting to explore our deep understanding of ourselves and the world.
Choreographie: Jiaji CHENG
Komposition: Gerard ERRUZ
Lichtdesign: Jiaji CHENG
Tanz: Jiaji CHENG
Trompete: Nikola VUKOVIC
Bassklarinette: Dácil Guerra GUZMÁN
Electronics: Gerard ERRUZ

(Do not) Listen to the movement
(Do not) Listen to the movement” inspired by Alejandra Pizarnik’s poem „The word for desire“ traverses concepts of sorrow and darkness but within the light and hope for self-improvement. Exploring additionally unaccustomed creation process
Choreographie: Erick AGUIRRE
Komposition: Erqing WANG
Tanz: Elena NIKOLOVSKA, Katharina GLAS, Danica LAZAREVIC
Musiker*innen: Beatriz Gaudêncio RAMOS (soprano), Jun NAKAMURA (flute), Nikola VUKOVIC (trumpet), Jelena Sophia ENGELHARDT (harp)

Untitled Freedom
The music functions only as a minimum polyphonic reaction of the movement, not trying accompany the dance but much rather interconnecting the common ground of the two, that of physical energy moving or propagating in space.
Komposition/Dirigat: Mihai-Constantin CODREA
Akkordeon: Maurizio DEL LUCA
Horn: Paquito Ernesto CHITI
Choreographie: Walaa ALMEJBL
Tanz: Walaa ALMEJBL und Zoélie RUFFIEUX

„Who am I”, it recognizes existence, faces the ego, and begins to paint. Movement is a way to explore yourself, and it leaves traces in physical space and body space.
Tanz: Eunji JI und Junjian WANG
Akkordeon: Maurizio DE LUCA
Harfe: Jelena Sophia ENGELHARDT

The concept for this project derives from the current interests of both artists and was developed in an atmosphere of constant exchange as a dialogue between music and dance. The elements of the movement material are part of Athina’s current artistic-academic research, which concerns the interrelation of Contemporary and Greek Traditional Dance. In her composition, Atousa seeks to engage with human emotions, both the most palpable and unspeakable ones.
Komposition: Atousa FALAMARZIAN
Gesang: Ellen Rose KELLY
E-Gitarre: Derek PLUNKIE

Wir sind einsam
The idea for this piece comes from a fragment of one of the letters Rainer Maria Rilke sent to Franz Xaver Kappus in August 1904, a short but strong reflection on loneliness. This idea is symbolically represented by dancing on the islands and places of exile, slowly removing the inner walls with lively body movements, the possibility of seeing more of the night sky on tiptoe, and just maybe the light will penetrate to illuminate the darkness.
Choreographie: Junjian WANG
Komposition: Sergi PUIG
Tanz: Junjian WANG; Eunji JI; Jiaji CHENG; Shuting WANG
Musiker*innen: Beatriz RAMOS (soprano); Irati GOÑI (cello); Sergi PUIG (synthesizer)

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Bild  (c) Johannes Gellner


Mittwoch, 8. Mai
18:00 bis 20:00


MUMUTH GRAZ, György-Ligeti-Saal
Lichtenfelsgasse 14
Graz, 8010
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